UKRAINE: a rule of three

Note kindly translated by Anne-Marie de Grazia

I publish here a map of the per capita income per region in Ukraine. This map dates back to 2008 and was published in 2011. I have no more recent documents on this subject. One can well make out the enormous gap in income between Eastern Ukraine, where per capita income oscillates between 7500 and 4500 Dollars/year per inhabitant, and the regions of the West, where it is between 2700 and 1600 Dollars per inhabitant.

Chart 1

GDP par capita (2008)

 Ukr-PIB Fr2

This follows, of course, the distribution of industry on the territory of Ukraine, and the fact that this industry is much tied in with the economy of Russia.  We will compare this map to the map of languages spoken in Ukraine, which I have published already and which I am showing again. One can well see that there are not 2 Ukraines but, in reality, 3. One, which is richer and more developed industrially, in the East, a second one, which is very poor, in the West, and a third, intermediary one, corresponding to the “Surzhik” language, going from the border with Belarus to the Black Sea.

Chart 2


This distribution of economic activity and of income also explains the radicalisation of the populations living in the West of Ukraine. But, in case of a partition of the country, this implies that, besides Kiev, the European Union would inherit regions where income is very low.


Jacques Sapir

Ses travaux de chercheur se sont orientés dans trois dimensions, l’étude de l’économie russe et de la transition, l’analyse des crises financières et des recherches théoriques sur les institutions économiques et les interactions entre les comportements individuels. Il a poursuivi ses recherches à partir de 2000 sur les interactions entre les régimes de change, la structuration des systèmes financiers et les instabilités macroéconomiques. Depuis 2007 il s'est impliqué dans l’analyse de la crise financière actuelle, et en particulier dans la crise de la zone Euro.

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