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Kindly translated by Anne-Marie de Grazia

Faced with an accumulation of contradictory declarations about the catastrophe of Malaysian Airlines flight MH17, some points must be made clear.

1. The declarations of Secretary of State John Kerry (Minister of Foreign Affairs of the United States).

John Kerry has declared to CNN that the American government had proof of the implication of the insurgents in the destruction of flight MH17. Then, if such proofs exist, they must be divulged soonest. Still, let’s be reminded that his predecessor under the Presidency of George W. Bush, General Colin Powell, said the same thing about the “weapons of mass destruction” supposedly held by Saddam Hussein’s Iraq. Mr. Colin Powell has since admitted to have lied in his speech before the Security Counsel of the United Nations. He has even stated that this speech represented a “blot on his career”[1]. M. Kerry has added that Russia had transferred SAM-17 systems to the insurgents. But how could a militia exploit such kind of a weapons system?

Moreover, it is not enough to transfer a TELAR vehicle, one must also transfer a « Snow Drift » radar, without which any interception would be very difficult. Again, this demands a highly qualified personnel. Finally, we have shown in a former note that the location of the crash was not consistent with the firing of a missile from the insurgent zone, except if  the insurgents benefitted from a very advanced technical assistance from Russia, in fact, if it had indeed been a Russian unit which had fired the missile. Yet, the United States have so far never mentioned a presence of Russian military units in Ukraine. The United States have the capacity to know if Russian units have operated and are operating in Eastern Ukraine. The fact they are not saying that is quite interesting…

2. Are the insurgents blocking the investigation ?
As a matter of fact, the insurgents have recuperated the « black boxes » of flight MH17, and have stated that they were ready to hand them over to the OACI. However, they refuse to let Ukrainian forces penetrate the zone of the crash, which is perfectly understandable. They have also transferred the bodies to refrigerated rail cars, which is being reproached them in the United States. In truth, this is the only possible solution, in order to avoid a rapid decay of the bodies, taking into account the heat at this time of the year in the region of Donetsk. The head of the Dutch forensic team sent to the crash site acknowledged the fact that insurgents authorities had done a very good job: “I’m very impressed about the work that was done over here »[2]. This is clearly a rebuttal of accusations made by John Kerry, as well as President Obama about the behavior of forces tasked with the ugly job of collecting corpses on the crash site. These accusations have circulated in US and other NATO medias, but they are not substantiated by the very man sent by the Dutch as the head of the forensic team.
It is also clear that the authorities of the self-proclaimed Republic of Donbass would like to benefit in exchange of access to the site from some form of a de facto recognition of their authority by international instances. This is perfectly understandable in view of the situation. Let’s not forget that the Ukrainian army has been multiplying attacks and bombings. This is not to be forgotten.
3. The insurgents are supposedly repatriating to Russia the system which is responsible for the destruction of flight MH17.
A video has been circulating since the afternoon of July 20, and it was even shown on the FR2 TV news journal[3]. This video shows a TELAR (firing vehicle) equipped with “BUK” missiles on a truck. One can even make out that one, and possibly two, of the missiles is (are) missing on the TELAR. Yet, consistent sources show that this video has been shot on territory under the control of the forces of Kiev, more precisely in the city of Krasnoarmeysk, on Gorki Street, in the region of Donetsk. Here is the map where said video has been shot.

CarteIf this were to be confirmed, it would be incontrovertible proof that the Ukrainian army has indeed deployed a SAM-17 “Buk” system in the combat zone, and that it is missing one missile… The conclusions are self-evident.[2]

Jacques Sapir

Ses travaux de chercheur se sont orientés dans trois dimensions, l’étude de l’économie russe et de la transition, l’analyse des crises financières et des recherches théoriques sur les institutions économiques et les interactions entre les comportements individuels. Il a poursuivi ses recherches à partir de 2000 sur les interactions entre les régimes de change, la structuration des systèmes financiers et les instabilités macroéconomiques. Depuis 2007 il s'est impliqué dans l’analyse de la crise financière actuelle, et en particulier dans la crise de la zone Euro.

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